Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Back in February Last Nights had the pleasure of working with Mazing Vids during Silk Flowers record release show party. Since then the duo seem to have been laying low, that is until I was invited to a screening of the upcoming screening of E.S.P. TV's 3rd episode at K&M Bar (225 N. 8th Street Brooklyn, NY). The show presents an entire set by the band that finds them in fine form. They're take on a minimal post-punk, with vocals reminiscent of Mark E Smith, is here accompanied by some live analog video processing. The video weaves in & out of the band's movements & bodies creating a cool watch.

The show has way more than just Mazing Vids though. This episode also includes a performance by Dana Bell titled "A Delicate Balance" and video by Rachel Mason and Meredith James, Aaron Nemex, & Jason Underhill. The videos presented are a mix bag in content, though oddball humor runs throughout.

Mazing Vids released their 1st full-length LP a little while ago & became an instant Last Nights favorite. You can purchase the album straight from the artists through their website. While you're at it make sure to stayed tuned for more great episodes of the young E.S.P. TV.

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