Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Walk Like A Giant | Video Feature

It's a strange thing to begin discussing Neil Young & Crazy Horse's latest offering in the form of the video for "Walk Like A Giant". There are few words or adjectives that feel comfortable using while writing this. These are folks that need no introduction to almost anyone alive in the western world today. These guys are walking legends, influenced others influences, have created lasting records that will continue to grow in their scope for days to come. To top things off is that their new material stands on the same ground as anything from the past. 

The video for "Walk Like A Giant" starts out depicting grainy images of legends of the North American landscape of a real and cryptozoological nature before slipping into some psychedelic kaleidoscopic visions. The video only features a portion of the song's  epic track length but maintains the same punch if in a condensed "5-hour energy" kind of way. It may just be small shot to consume but will keep you going for some time to come. Young and company prove that they are able to pick up whenever they last left off and the searing guitar solos only cement this fact. It is hard not to sit back and bask in the glory this classic group are still able to conjure up. 

Neil Young & Crazy Horse's newest album Psychedelic Pill will be available via Reprise Records this October 30th.

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