Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Josh Tillman, the recently departed drummer from folk-pop heroes Fleet Foxes, is Father John Misty. Having had somewhat of an epiphany regarding himself and his music, Tillman up and left his longtime home of Seattle, WA for the greener, sunnier pastures of Los Angeles. In his own words: “...In a critical, singular, mind-altering moment of clarity [I] became aware of this giant, blatantly fraudulent contradiction between my internal narrative, my conversational voice, my sense of humor – and singing about my pain like a fucking decrepit wizard.”

The result of this radical self-acceptance is Fear Fun, a rollicking, psychedelic hayride of a record coming out May 1st via Sub Pop. Above is the beautifully shot video for the album's 1st single "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings," a highly enjoyable barn-burning rock dirge, starring Parks and Recreation it-girl Aubrey Plaza. Also, you can check out the candy colored cover art below. Get Psyched, kids.

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