Sunday, January 2, 2011

Drooling Pipe - Thee Drooling Pipe

Hey all, Last Nights is proud to be distributing copies of Drooling Pipe's Thee Drooling Pipe. Released by our friends over at Critical Stoic in Oct. 2010.

Thee Drooling Pipe is comprised of home recording offering of Images member SD. Best described as 1 part minimalist drone workout and 2 parts inner ritual. Recorded during an intense month of nightly improvisation rituals solely consisting of an old yamaha keyboard, three amps, & some pedals. Reminiscent of certain elements of Spacemen 3, Terry Riley, the New Age, & vintage video game ambience.

Produced in an edition of 50 hand-made cassettes. Each is accompanied with a single page from SD's personal copy of Aleister Crowley's Book of Law serving as their cover art.

Thee Drooling Pipe
Drooling Pipe
Critical Stoic 004
Edition of 50


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